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Daragh Kelly
Martial Arts Instructor
Background in Physiotherapy
DTK Personal Trainer
Licensed MMA Instructor with the AFPA
Trained styles are:
-Dutch Style Kickboxing
-Muay Thai
-Filipino Boxing
-Shotokan Karate
-Jeet Kun Do
-Krav Maga
-Traditional MMA
-Technical Pad Training

Specialised in technical training focusing on the biomechanics of the human anatomy.

“I will use my knowledge and experience to bring your skills to the highest level.”

I come from Ireland, in my early teens I was overweight and a target for bullying.
I desired to become someone strong, and formidable. I took up boxing, and through my training, I lost over 60kg in a span of 3 years, and gained skills and confidence.
My skills and strength grew, I enlisted in the military and learned about self defence combat. After that I travelled around and trained in Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing, and Jeet Kun Do.
I came to Holland and trained in dutch style kickboxing and MMA, and competed in Belgium, Germany, and Italy.
I also gained a new foundation of knowledge as a physiotherapist, with a deep insight into the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body, which plays a large role into my style of teaching.
Throughout the years with my clients, I have focused on the foundation of powerful and controlled techniques, and the practical effects each one has in terms of your personal fitness, and in a fight.
Through my knowledge of the human body and passion for achieving near perfection in form and ability, I will bring you to the highest level of your combat journey.